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Shaping the future of food

In the face of climate chaos, Arkaia is accelerating resilient & sustainable food for the world through research grants, venture capital & developments.



We rethink the
way we make food

Global food production is connected to every part of the planetary crisis and possibly to every solution. Food is intricately connected to the air we breathe, the water we drink, the soil we live on - and it is threatened by a changing climate.

The food of the future will be grown in new ways: less dependent on the climate and more in balance with our planet. We rethink how we make food to secure a stable supply in an unstable climate.

We co-create new knowledge
and solutions for the future of food

Arkaia is an independent impact investor and developer. Through seed capital, research grants and project development, we accelerate innovation in these areas:

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We fund curiosity and innovation through collaborations with academia, enabling the boldest and brightest visionaries to take the steps towards making tomorrow’s food possible.


We are impact investors with a strong sense of purpose that provide venture capital and hands-on knowledge to start-ups in the space of resilient and regenerative food production.


We design and develop solutions for future-proof food production by combining best practices and proven technologies with cutting-edge research in close collaboration with industry, academia, decision makers and people.



Have a taste of what we do


Øm Klostergård

Large-scale regenerative agroforestry cooperation in the outskirts of Copenhagen.

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Godis Grønt

Community Supported Agriculture with a no-till farming approach.

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Fresh, local and high-quality greens from a vertical farm in Copenhagen.

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Beyond Coffee

Beyond Coffee turns wasted coffee grounds into nutritious gourmet mushrooms in up-cycled shipping containers.

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New food space

Exploration of the spatial implications and potentials of resilient food production in urban environments with the Danish Royal Academy.

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Arkaia is an independent impact investor and incubator

​​Arkaia was founded by Sylvester Rishøj in 2020 with a devotion to help improve food security and climate adaptation. With a background as a successful entrepreneur in games and animation, Sylvester has a creative intelligence and rich imagination that he utilizes to envision ways our civilization may preserve our ecological life support systems and ultimately restore the planetary biosphere.


Sylvester Rishøj

Founder of Arkaia

Entrepreneur, founding partner of SYBO, creators of the internationally top downloaded game; Subway Surfers.

Rose Luxhøi Iversen

Management & Ventures

Strategic advisor to entrepreneurs and startup companies with a sustainability agenda, board member, background in McKinsey & Co.

Emil Ingemann Nielsen

Analysis & Projects

Economist with expertise in environmental and natural resource management, climate change and food production.

Tina-Henriette Kristiansen

Design & Research

Expert in resilient life support systems, Architect MAA, Ph.D. Fellow, 18+ years with Johnson Space Center, NASA, and Assistant Professor at RUC.

Anders Højlund Andersen

Farming & Regeneration

Regenerative farmer and activist with experience from Rodale Institute, Ridgedale and Neversink, deeply involved in the regenerative movement.


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